Cergy-Pontoise, your Preparation Centre for the 2024 Olympic Games!

A 2024 Olympic Games Preparation Centre for eleven disciplines (Olympic and Paralympic athletics, basketball, 3x3 basketball, beach volleyball, breakdancing, canoe-kayak slalom, handball, Olympic and Paralympic swimming, and table tennis), the Cergy-Pontoise Urban Area Community, the towns of Cergy, Pontoise, Saint-Ouen l’Aumône, and Île de loisirs de Cergy-Pontoise welcome you to an area of sporting and economic excellence and an exceptional training environment, less than 30 minutes from Paris and the Olympic Village.

Cergy-Pontoise, the leading sports hub in Western Paris

With its 273 sports facilities and 337 clubs, 9 of which play at national or international level, the Cergy-Pontoise Urban Area Community is the leading sports hub in Western Paris.

It is ideally located at the intersection of expressways and public transport lines, connecting the area to 2024 Olympic venues and Charles de Gaulle International Airport in less than an hour.

Cergy-Pontoise is located 30 minutes from Paris, the Olympic Village and other 2024 Olympic venues.

Key stats

214,000 inhabitants
13 towns
90,000 jobs
30,000 students
Ninon Guillon-Romarin © CACP LD
7 centres approved for the 2024 Olympic Games !

A huge welcome to all delegations!

Cergy-Pontoise provides each delegation with all the sports facilities and services required to carry out elite-level training and to ensure a pleasant stay.

Whatever your discipline, you will receive individual and comprehensive support throughout your stay for all things logistical, technical and administrative.

17 hotels
112 restaurants
1 hospital
3 specialised medical centres
5 direct transport lines to Paris. 12 train stations connected to the inter-urban community rail network.

An exceptional living environment

Cergy-Pontoise boasts an impressive array of public facilities and well-preserved natural areas. It also has a wide and abundant variety of transport, cultural and leisure facilities.

Key stats

273 sports facilities
1 ice rink
8 swimming pools
3,500 hectares of agricultural and natural areas
480 shows per year
1,500 shops and restaurants